Sunday, October 09, 2005

பாபம் தீர எளிதான வழி

ச்ரீ ராமா ச்ரீ க்ருஷ்ணா ச்ரீ கோவிந்தா மெனொ ச்ரீ கோபாலா மெனொ
ஸேஸ்த பாபுன் நீஸ்தக் ஹொய் ஜாய் ஸெநம் யெ தானுக் மெனி கவொ
ஏ ஸரீர் அநித்யம் மெனி ஜனொ

ச்ரீ ராமா ச்ரீ க்ருஷ்ணா ச்ரீ கோவிந்தா மெனொ ச்ரீ கோபாலா மெனொ - ச்ரீ ராமா ச்ரீ க்ருஷ்ணா ச்ரீ கோவிந்தா என்று சொல்லுங்கள். ச்ரீ கோபாலா என்று சொல்லுங்கள்.

ஸேஸ்த பாபுன் நீஸ்தக் ஹொய் ஜாய் ஸெநம் ஏ தானுக் மெனி கவொ - இருக்கும் பாபங்கள் எல்லாம் இல்லாமல் போகும்; சீக்கிரம் இப்படி அவன் நாமங்கள் சொல்லிப் பாடுங்கள்.

ஏ ஸரீர் அநித்யம் மெனி ஜனொ - இந்த உடல் அநித்யம் என்று உணர வேண்டும்.


Anonymous said...

As far as my knowledge of Sourashtra singer goes, apart Soundararajan, we have great singers like T A Nagaswamy Bhagavathar, who had ruled the roost in the 40s, and I lucky to have his gramphone recordings of his songs in sourashtra, tamil, sanskrit and telugu. He is right known as the swarajyothi. Incidentally and fortunately he is the guru my grandmother (mother's side). I have the greatest regard for my grandmother because even at the age of 60 she used to sing impeccably. Such was the power of her voice (it was neither feminine nor masculine, but crystal clear) I used to go to sleep after just a couple of songs. Though I heard her sing when was very young, I still remember at least four of her songs vividly.
Then we have T K Ramarathinam, who is also incidentally the cheela of T A Nagaswamy Bhagavathar. Then we have a well-known carnatic vocalist from Paramakudi but stayed all along in Madurai, near Kamatchi Amman Temple on South Masti street. His name is on my mind but refused to come out. I have his cassesttes too. But pardon him for his vocal chord. Then again we have A L Raghavan, who I don't think has sung sourashtra kirtanas at all. His father was a reputed vocalist. We have a couple of violinists who had made to the very top. Vocalist Kanyakumari could be a sourashtra because I had seen her in many of the Venkatraramana Bhagavathar aardhana. I am giving out the details I know because you seem to have the energy and the right type of contact to make the site a memorable one.
Thanks again
K P Subramanian
Have a good day

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for the slips and overlooks as I am in a hurry and it is past midnight.
Bear with me.
K P Subramanian